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John Bilotti: The do-nothing Republicans

John Bilotti: The do-nothing Republicans


Our "do-nothing Republican Legislature" did not meet for 290 days. They finally passed COVID-19 legislation. If you or I did not show up to work for 290 days, we would have been fired on day number four!

These Republicans did not meet for 24 months — yet they collected their salary but did not show up for work. Simply unbelievable.

I think these Republicans were confused — I think they believed it was better to not show up — do nothing but most assuredly collected their salaries — which I believe is $60,000.

Where in the world do people basically not go to work but collect salaries for two years? Only in the Wisconsin Republican Legislature does this happen. It is outrageous to our taxpayers.

With this record of doing nothing and yet collecting taxpayers' hard earned tax dollars, they should be voted out of office in the next election which can't come fast enough for us taxpayers.

Get rid of these bums! They didn't do their jobs at all. They took us on a ride to nowhere but were happy to collect their salary for doing nothing. It's time to retire them now. They are useless — when something is useless you throw them out!

I don't believe for a second that the Democrats could ever do this but if they ever did such a horrific robbery of taxpayers, they also would get kicked out of their jobs for doing nothing.

Please remember this when you go to vote in the next election. It is time for Republicans to lose their racket of collecting taxpayer dollars while not going to work for two years.

John Bilotti, Kenosha

John Bilotti is a former mayor of Kenosha.


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