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Roger Nelson: Our failing president

Roger Nelson: Our failing president

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Congratulations to the Kenosha News' editorial staff for the May 1 editorial on Biden's spending plan.

However, it really is not Biden's plan. Biden is the empty vessel for the far left and progressives to advance their agenda. Why else would Bernie Sanders and the liberal/progressives have agreed to have Biden run for president?

Biden (who is part of the 1%) bemoans the GOP trickle down plan for wealth but denies the trickle down effect of his tax and spend policies. If you believe trickle down taxes are not coming soon to a wallet near you, I have a nice bridge at Simmons Island for sale.

I fear for the future of the United States with a failing, ol' man serving as the "leader of the free world." Watch the world news from the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. and see that the rest of the free world is worried too!

If you do not think he is failing try watching his reaction to losing his mask at the podium or hear him tell you there is no need to wear a mask outside and then see him wearing one outside or having a zoom meeting with one on!

But, there is good news. Our president said we will be able to have a cookout on the Fourth of July! Maybe we should wear masks between bites!

Roger Nelson, Kenosha


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