President Trump recently again claimed that his father’s birthplace was Germany. Actually, his dad was born in the Bronx and his grandfather in the Fatherland. They’re both buried in Queens, and it’s possible that in reaction they rolled over in their graves, the father yelling “blockhead” and the grandfather screaming “dummkopf.”

It’s also possible that our forefathers are creating some coffin commotion due to how Trump is making a mockery of democracy.

Historians eventually will evaluate Trump’s presidency, an appraisal that won’t be favorable. They’ll note how information gleaned from Robert Mueller’s Report showed that had it not been for 11 members of his staff refusing to carry out his half-baked orders, in all likelihood his fate would have been sealed early.

Those historians will conclude his “zero tolerance” policy to have been inhumane and unconstitutional and they will frown on the autocratic actions Trump has displayed when choosing to shut down much of the government for 35 days in an attempt to secure more medieval wall funding.

What might most bother historians will be Trump’s actions on April 5. That’s when, frustrated over the immigration issue but refusing to throw in the Mar-a-Lago towel, Trump went on a Constitution bashing tirade, threatening to abolish the asylum system, “get rid of judges,” and when addressing border guards, ordering them to deny entry to immigrants, saying “We’re all filled up.”

Hopefully, historians will have access to Trump’s college records, an important document that will help shed light on his intellectual flaws and give credence to the word “dummkopf.”

Michael Dean