VOP: Medicaid expansion will cost people more

VOP: Medicaid expansion will cost people more


Medicaid expansion is a terrible idea.

The costs of taking this “free and available” government money greatly outweigh the benefits.

Expanding Medicaid is an incentive for people to drop private health insurance and enroll in substandard Medicaid coverage. Since heath providers are paid less per Medicaid patient, hospitals will begin charging those covered by private insurance higher rates to make up the difference — thereby making private health care less affordable.

Additionally, Medicaid’s cost increases are tied directly to enrollment, so when more people join the program, it costs more. That means already over-taxed families who are paying ridiculously high insurance rates now will be taxed even more to pay for expanded Medicaid coverage.

There is no such thing as free money — especially when it comes from the government. That’s why not taking the money will benefit the people of the state of Wisconsin even more.

Catherine Borowski



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