Stuart Rothenberg of CQ-Roll Call, in his May 8 column in the Kenosha News, lists some of the items that define “Trumpism.”

The following examples can easily be added by citing the chaos resulting from the erratic behaviors of President Donald Trump:

Narcissism (“I am all alone [poor me] in the White House...,” taking credit for anything from the stock market to the economy, yet, blaming others when things go bad.

Lying (10,000 plus lies as of April 29, according the The Washington Post, etc.)

Crude language (Billy Bush Access Hollywood interview; rallies, etc.)

Appointments of unqualified people (Herman Cain and Stephen Moore, now withdrawn, to Federal Reserve Board; former press secretary, Anthony Saramucci are examples)

Demeaning opponents (calling his rivals names such as “Little Marco” and “Pocahontas”).

Gentle treatment of dictators (Putin — Russia, Kim Jong-un — North Korea, Xi Jinping — China, Abdullah Aziz Al Saud — Saudi Arabia)

Mistreatment of allies (England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico)

Undermining American institutions (the IRS, Department of Justice, Congress, courts).

Added to the list could be:

Provocations (Iran, China, North Korea, Russia, Jerusalem)

Policy position changes (abortion, immigration, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security)

World order (NAFTA, 2015 Paris Agreement, Iran Nuclear Agreement, etc.)

Current Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, formerly a 2015 presidential candidate, defined “Trumpism” as “a toxic mix of demagoguery, mean-spiritedness, and nonsense that will lead the Republican Party to perdition if pursued.”

While the jury is still out on the collusion and obstruction issues, Trump continues to create diversions and distractions from the efficacy of his presidency.

Tim Somers