In George Stephanopoulos’ interview with Donald Trump on ABC News, the president claimed that he runs the country. And all you need do to understand this is read Article II of the Constitution.

Trump is perhaps the only chief executive in American history that has been so eager to expose his ignorance, over and over again.

Trump demonstrates no knowledge of the Constitution whatsoever. To begin with, there are seven Articles that make up our founding document and the Second is but one in a far more nuanced governmental framework.

The Constitution of the United States is the Law of the Land, not Article II.

About that “ignorance” issue, simply ask Trump to list the other six Articles and explain each of them. Case made, case closed.

Trump needs to understand that he is not the king of the United States, nor is he the CEO of America, Inc. He’s just the president. That’s all, nothing more.

Trump is also apparently unaware of the new ball cap showing up in anticipation of the 2020 election: the “MATA” cap.

“Make America Trumpless Again.” Enough said.

Gordon Ammon