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When Donald Trump was 13, his father, fed up with the boy’s bullying, lying, and defying, abruptly shipped him off to a boarding academy run by military veterans.

Trump’s ex-classmates recalled his being slapped and punched when he was disobedient. However, the two traits that stuck out most in their memories were his penchant for exaggerating and insatiable appetite for posing.

These two traits were evident when Trump visited El Paso after the Walmart massacre. Although city officials asked that he stay away and protesters lined the streets in advance of his arrival, Trump chose to ignore these signs of rebuffing.

A visit following a horrific tragedy of this magnitude should allow sympathy to outweigh self-promotion. To no one’s surprise, this didn’t happen as solemnity is not in Trump’s make-up. Remember the fun he had launching rolls of paper towels into a crowd of shell-shocked Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria?

This latest debacle found Trump crawling down even further into the barrel of despicability. None of the hospitalized victims desired his presence so Trump dispatched aides to the home where the recently orphaned 2-month old boy, Paul, was recuperating. Shortly thereafter, with the motherless child now a prop in Melania’s arms, a photo-op was accomplished, Trump and wife with big, wide smiles and Trump’s thumb extended upward, signaling “all is well.”

This bizarre posturing coupled with Trump’s tweets on the flight home extolling all the love bestowed upon him by El Pasoans speaks volumes when it comes to abnormalcy.

Does anyone know of a military boarding school for a man-child with bone spurs and irrational behavior issues?

Michael H. Dean