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VOP: Candidates promise to give away store just for votes

VOP: Candidates promise to give away store just for votes

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I wanted to write about Medicare for all, but the crazy people running for president want me to talk about student debt.

These candidates want to erase student debt with their magic wands. However, I have not heard any of them ask the common sense question, “Why have college costs risen faster than any other sector of the economy?”

Well, as usual, it is the government’s own doing. Like the housing crisis of the last decade when the government made lending institutions give mortgages to people who could not afford them, they have been handing out money left and right for college loans to people who can not afford them.

Do not blame the big banks for this one. As the clueless Maxine Waters found out when she was trying to blame bank CEO’s for the problem, it is the federal government giving out all these loans. Why should the taxpayers have to bail out a bunch of kids who made dumb decisions, not to mention their parents.

Here is perhaps a common sense fix. Colleges get a lot of federal money. Audit them and find out how they are ripping off students. Make them lower/refund tuition accordingly or lose the grants. Make the student loans zero percent interest and extend them up to 30 years so students can make affordable payments. But make the students pay back every penny.

People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions. It’s not always somebody else’s fault. Nobody forced them to take the money. Students should use junior colleges, online colleges and technical colleges to start or get their degrees instead of four-year universities.

It makes me sick that all these presidential candidates want to give away this free stuff in order to get votes. What about the people who never went to college or did it the right way and paid off their debt ? Why should they get stuck with the bill again just so a politician can get elected?

John Schaefer



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