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Parents need to know that “Dragon Quest Builders 2” is a creative building experience for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game is a sequel to 2016’s “Dragon Quest Builders,” and has a focus on building wrapped within an old-fashioned Japanese role-playing game. The player’s customizable avatar takes on quests — such as building a house or sowing a field with seeds — from non-player characters, then goes out into the world to gather resources and fight monsters using magic and melee weapons. Combat’s mild and viewed from a raised perspective, with monsters disappearing quickly after being defeated. Strong themes of friendship, community, and providing help to those who need it run throughout the story, with subplots showing how people — including villains — can change for the better if they embrace the right ideas. Players also get to exercise their imaginations and be creative as they freely build not just what other characters have requested, but anything they like by crafting the elements they need and assembling them according to their whims.