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On this week's political podcast, Milfred and Hands travel to the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee and the site of the Democratic National Convention this July. Forget about Florida. This time around, the election comes down to "Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Wisconsin."

The candidates jousted cordially over the economy, climate change and foreign policy. But it was a wine cave that opened up the fault lines in the 2020 field.

ELIZABETH WARREN: “Today in America — a new study came out — 20 years out, (of) whites who borrowed money, 94 percent have paid off their student loan debt, 5 percent of African Americans have paid it off.”

Elizabeth Warren’s continued struggle to explain how she’d pay for her health care plan looms large ahead of this week’s debate. The awkward exchange in last month’s debate is at least partly to blame for stalling her momentum, while raising larger questions about her authenticity as a candidate.


On this week's political podcast, Milfred and Hands play clips from and comment on Satya Rhodes-Conway's meeting with the State Journal editorial board. She touted bus rapid transit and defended her $40 wheel tax. 

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