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Mandy, Emma and Jill are as close as three sisters who live hundreds of miles apart can be. They grew up together on Nantucket, but Mandy is the only one who stayed. When their beloved grandmother, Rose Ferguson, passes peacefully in her sleep a week before her 99th birthday, she leaves them Mimi’s Place, one of Nantucket’s most popular year-round restaurants. There is, of course, a catch — she left the restaurant equally to Mandy, Emma and Jill — and also to Paul, the chef for the past twelve years and Emma’s first love. Before the sisters can sell their shares, each needs to work at the restaurant for one year or her shares will go to Paul.

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Based on the 1995 teen comedy based on Jane Austen’s 1815 novel “Emma,” the sitcom “Clueless” returned fans to the shallow but mostly sweet world of wealthy high school student Cher, with Rachel Blanchard replacing Alicia Silverstone from the movie. The show made it three seasons, which is decent for a series based on high school students, and had crossovers with “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Moesha.”

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When helicopter-mom Maggie goes to visit her daughter Emma’s college dorm, she finds her room empty and her dormmates seeming less sisterly and more sinister. And of course, there’s the boy. The one listed as “future husband” on Emma’s phone. The one Maggie has never heard of. Helicopter-mom wants answers. And whoa. She finds them.

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Jane Austen - meet Elisabeth Moss in a fight for her life against something she can't even see. The quarantined citizen's home streaming life just got a little more interesting, and crowded, with the unprecedented early online viewing availability of some major 2020 titles. The films, to varying degrees, were laid low by COVID-19 and the cumulative global shutdown of movie theaters, along with ...

The futuristic series “Altered Carbon” returns to stream a second season on Netflix, two years after the first arrived.

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The Labuschagnes, who have two other sons and live in the United Kingdom, learned Michael has a cardiac fibroma -- a tumor that can block blood flow to a child's heart. Michael's tumor is 5 centimeters, or about 2 inches, wide. That's enormous compared to a baby's tiny heart, which is about the size of their fist.

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Emma said the hospital quote for the surgery is about $147,000. This doesn't include other expenses such as travel, lost workdays and recovery costs.

Dear Amy: Our son and his girlfriend are approaching engagement. They live in the same city we live in.

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