VOP Policy

Letters are welcome

  • They can be sent to "Voice of the People," Kenosha News, 5800 Seventh Ave., Kenosha, WI, 53140, or emailed to vop@kenoshanews.com.
  • We will publish letters from Kenosha County residents and subscribers.
  • Letters should be written as concisely as possible and should not exceed 275 words.
  • Letters must be signed with name, address and phone number.
  • Letters must be approved by the editor or designate.
  • We reserve the right to edit all letters for length, libel, clarity and inappropriate content.
  • Writers are limited to one letter per calendar month.
  • Please include a recent photo of yourself if you would like one published with the letter.

Letters will not be published if they:


  • are in poor taste or are needlessly inflammatory
  • involve a personal matter between two private parties
  • are overly commercial
  • are open letters addressed to a third party
  • are poetry
  • are lost items or thank you letters (unless in reference to a public event or institution)
  • rely heavily on Biblical interpretation or quotations
  • address specific political candidates or ballot issues within 5 days before an election













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