The Kenosha vs. Racine All-Star boys and girls basketball games, featuring each county’s top seniors, will take place at the Racine Park Fieldhouse tonight as part of the seventh annual Mark Your Moment Basketball Showcase and All-Star Games.

The girls game is scheduled for 6 p.m., followed by the boys game at 7:30. Admission is $10 for both games.

Prior to the All-Star Games will be a showcase featuring local athletes. The showcase games will go from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and admission is $3 for all day. The showcase provides an opportunity for unsigned high school seniors to compete for college scholarships in front of college recruiters from Wisconsin, as well as over 30 different states.

Here are the rosters for the Kenosha and Racine All-Star Games. They are subject to change:

Kenosha County girls

Sydney Strelow, Bradford; Vivian Onedo, Christian Life; Bre Garrison, Reuther; Alexis Mattox, St. Joseph; Chelby Koker, Shoreland Lutheran; Rebekah Salfer, Shoreland Lutheran; Haylei Coker, Tremper; Ayanna Ester, Tremper; Allison Lynn, Tremper; Sara Backus, Central; Riley Alexander, Wilmot; Karoline Klahs, Wilmot; Haley Lamberson, Wilmot.

Racine County girls

Caitlyn Matson, Burlington; Jasmine Malone, Racine Case; Emma Klein, Burlington Catholic Central; Elizabeth Klein, Burlington Catholic Central; Jordan Ellison, Racine Horlick; Iyana Thompson, Racine Park; Brooke Foster, Racine Prairie; Jolie Larson, Racine Prairie; Jayden Davis, Racine Lutheran; Jackie Kellner, Racine Lutheran; Sadie Gilbert, Racine St. Catherine’s; Kathleen Fitzgerald, Waterford.

Kenosha County boys

Tanner Hurley, Bradford; Joseph Ianni, Christian Life; T’J Fullilove, Indian Trail; Arlind Zemaj, Indian Trail; Jermaine Williams, Reuther; Tim Berry, St. Joseph; Nathan Lahti, Shoreland Lutheran; Joe Pol, Tremper; Dylan Anderson, Central; Adam Simmons, Central; Jaeden Zackery, Central; Noah Coleman, Wilmot.

Racine County boys

Trent Turzenski, Burlington; Cody Sardin, Racine Case; Jack Polzin, Racine Prairie; Elijah Solios, Racine Lutheran; Marquise Milton, Racine Horlick; Larry Canady, Racine Park; Zyiere Carey, Racine Park; Nobal Days, Racine Park; Richie Warren, Racine Park; Quinn Cafferty, Racine St. Catherine’s; Azarien Stephens, Racine St. Catherine’s; Nate Koch, Union Grove; Willie Ketterhagen, Waterford.

Mike Johnson