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Match Game Bowling Tournament: This is the year for Hanna, who claims first Women's Division title

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You could say Angela Hanna had her tunnel vision locked in pretty tight Wednesday night.

She was so locked in, in fact, that when the final ball was thrown to complete the Women's Division finals in the 58th annual Kenosha News Match Game Bowling Tournament at Surfside Bowl, she didn't even know she'd won.

"I didn't even know I won the thing," Hanna said with a laugh in a phone interview Thursday morning. "I was like, wait, 'Did I win?' I didn't realize what was going on."

Well, she won all right, and it was a long time coming.

Hanna said she's been competing in the Women's Division of the Match Game Tournament for "15-plus years," but this was her first title.

"I've been close and yet haven't won," Hanna said. "(Wednesday) night was the night.

"I just felt more confident and was more focused. I was just in the zone. That's what I told one of my girlfriends. I'm like, 'Man, I feel this. I'm doing this. This is my year.'"

Hanna said she paid absolutely no attention to what was going on around her and what the scores of the other bowlers were, and that strategy sure paid off — even if she didn't realize it right away — as she jumped from third place after Sunday's first night of the Women's Division finals to first by the end of Wednesday.

Hanna started Wednesday 59 points behind leader Allie Hedges, also bidding for her first Match Game title, and 40 behind three-time Women's champion Courtney Wolf, who started Wednesday in second place.

Bowlers are awarded 30 points for each match victory and either gain or lose a point for each pin over or under 200 in each game.

Hanna started off her five-match run Wednesday by winning with a 267 and went on to win all her other matches on the night to finish 5-0 in Wednesday's competition and 9-1 total in her 10 matches, including Sunday.

With a 9-1 overall match record and a pinfall of 2,357, Hanna finished the finals with 627 points.

She put herself in fantastic shape going into Wednesday's placement match, firing a 279 in her second-to-last match to take a 38-point lead on Hedges going into the final match, 539-501.

That meant Hanna, who averaged a fantastic 252.2 in her five matches Wednesday, just needed to win her match against Hedges to secure the title. She did just that, by a 258-247 margin.

Wolf, meanwhile, actually vaulted up to second place following the final matches, finishing with a two-night record of 6-4 and a pinfall of 2,388 for 568 points.

When Hanna was asked if she was aware that Wolf, the Women's champion in 2015, 2017 and 2019, was lurking in the field, she said she paid no attention.

"I did not look, not once, at who was doing what," Hanna said. "I just bowled and didn't look at the scores or anything. I just figured that was the way to do it. For me, anyway.

"... I don't look at anybody else's score, I don't worry about anybody else. I just focus on myself."

Hedges finished in third place with an overall record of 8-2 and a pinfall of 2,308 for 548 points, defending Women's champion Kim Koch ended in fourth at 303 points after going 5-5 with a pinfall of 2,153 and Tammy Harris-Schmidtke — also a three-time Women's champion — placed fifth with 301 points after going 2-6-2 with a pinfall of 2,211.

More tonight

The tournament continues tonight at Surfside with the final night of the Senior Men's Division finals.

Seeking his first Match Game title, Rich Larsen tops the Senior Men's field after Monday's first night of finals with 604 points, just 26 ahead of Rich Beltoya, who lurks in second place with 578.

Beltoya, who won a Men's Division title in 1992 and Senior Men's Division titles in 2016, 2018 and 2019, is looking to join Ed Seliga (2011) as the only bowlers in tournament history to win two Match Game titles in the same year.

Beltoya will enter the second night of the Men's Division finals Friday, which is also the final night of the tournament, atop that field with 548 points after Tuesday's first night of finals. He's 50 ahead of Kyle Zagar, the 2018 Men's champion and last year's runner-up, who sits in second place in the Men's field with 498 points.

In the Senior Men's Division, meanwhile, the rest of the field looks to catch Larsen and Beltoya tonight, as Matt Zagar is in third place with 509 points, AJ Hedges in fourth with 414 and three-time Men's Division champion Jeff Rampart is in fifth with 378.

Bowling begins tonight at 6:30 p.m.




Note: Scores reflect matches from second night of finals.

Bowler;Scores;Final pinfall;Final record;Final points

1. Angela Hanna;267-229-228-279-258—1,261;2,357;9-1-0;627

2. Courtney Wolf;259-192-278-214-279—1,222; 2,388;6-4-0;568

3. Allie Hedges;258-216-204-258-247—1,183;2,2,308;8-2-0;548

4. Kim Koch;217-212-268-226-223—1,146;2,153;5-5-0;303

5. Tammy Harris-Schmidtke;254-201-245-223-194—1,117;2,211;2-6-2;301

6. Savannah Gerou;234-230-206-259-214—1,143;2,132;5-4-1;297

7. Ashley Pobloski;203-201-194-191-222—1,011;2,067;4-5-1;202

8. Tracy Beltoya;218-216-182-195-189—1,000;2,055;4-6-0;175

9. Autumn Murawski;194-163-241-236-194—1,028;2,037;3-6-1;142

10. Megan George;257-213-225-215-168—1,078;2,068;1-8-113



Note: Scores reflect matches from second night of finals.

Bowler;Scores;Final pinfall;Final record;Final points

1. Bruce Stebbins;280-224-197-205-256—1,162;2,178;7-2-1;403

2. Ed Seliga;214-207-238-268-226—1,153;2,186;6-4-0;366

3. Jerry Elsen;247-184-186-199-269—1,085;2,125;6-4-0;305

4. Mel Apilado;167-190-224-204-199—984;1,971;7-3-0;181

5. Al Wallat;235-214-179215-206—1,049;1,979;6-4-0;159

6. Tim Alfredson;202-192-203-189-180—966;1,962;6-4-0;142

7. Ken Woods;191-186-192-247-212—1,028;2,011;3-6-1;116

8. Dale Cramer;229-214-236-170-210—1,059;2,012;3-7-0;102

9. Al Markle;213-190-210-200-224—1,037;1,933;3-7-0;23

10. Lonnie McCrossen;240-195-170-189-171—9651,859;2-8-0;(minus-81)




1. Rich Larsen;259-269-255-221-233-289-201-267—1,994;7-1-0;604

2. Rich Beltoya;257-286-248-223-267-234-244-269—2,028;5-3-0;578

3. Matt Zagar;234-244-188-259-269-235-217-223—1,869;5-3-0;509

4. AJ Hedges;226-223-220-212-212-241-255-245—1,834;6-2-0;414

5. Jeff Rampart;246-279-236-236-190-236-192-243—1,858;4-4-0;378

6. Jerry Alter;248-194-163-218-289-201-257-191—1,761;6-2-0;341

7. Dave Sjuggerud;234-205-211-249-244-191-238-225—1,797;3-5-0;287

8. Gene Pobloski;236-220-248-238-211-225-238-206—1,822;2-6-0;282

9. Sean Mitchell;227-183-236-300-180-194-253-199—1,772;3-5-0;262

10. Steve Wittkowske;204-209-217-248-235-191-230-181—1,715;4-4-0;235

11. Tim Ruelle;216-211-183-204-216-203-224-211;1,668;5-3-0;218

12. John Brooks;225-232-221-154;257;227;204;191;1,711;2-6-0;171

13. Jerry Elsen;184-190-159-201-279-207-191-227—1,638;3-5-0;128

14. Todd Weber;237-150-228-202-216-200-205-216—1,654;1-7-0;84

15. Joe Rimkus;203-189-184-246-190-199-195-194—1,600;2-6-0;60

16. Dave Wildman;171-223-191-201-195-213-163-143—1,500;3-5-0;(minus-10)




1. Rich Beltoya;180-258-237-257-278-221-232-275—1,938;7-1-0;548

2. Kyle Zagar;235-233-268-247-227-236-223-279—1,958;5-3-0;498

3. Jacob Boresch;246-223-247-245-226-224-243-240—1,894;3-5-0;384

4. Gary Exner Jr.;247-163-298-109-263-231-191-214—1,816;5-3-0;366

5. Kyle Peterson;214-221-260-278-226-223-216-205—1,843;4-4-0;363

6. Ben Betchkal;235-178-236-219-259-238-258-245—1,868;3-5-0;358

7. Jason Griffin;194-220-268-236-179-213-289-221—1,820;4-4-0;340

8. Shane Axberg;225-232-226-210-247-181-242-176—1,739;5-3-0;289

9. Joel Oechler;190-256-226-173-238-264-202-179—1,728;5-3-0;278

10. Billy Harris;243-203-211-194-234-189-142-224—1,640;6-2-0;220

11. Joe Meier;185-237-276-204-195-152-218-207—1,674;4-4-0;194

12. Jason Weber;193-171-194-167-255-224-204-249—1,647;3-5-0;147

13. Chris Graham;212-204-223-202-226-186-184-222—1,659;2-6-0;119

14. Dan Steimle;202-244-234-146-217-195-180-180—1,598;4-4-0;118

15. Brian Kaddatz;213-207-217-171-197-236-221-157—1,619;2-5-1;94

16. Dustin Jacoby;213-181-190-233-194-205-194-158—1,568;1-6-1;13


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