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Wilmot Raceway Results
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Wilmot Raceway Results

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Wilmot Raceway

Saturday Results


20-lap Feature—1. Chase McDermand; 2. Adam Taylor; 3. Nick Baran; 4. Kevin Douglas; 5. Kurt Mayhew; 6. Jeremy Douglas; 7. Kyle Koch; 8. John Smith; 9. Jake Goeglein; 10. Kyle Brinkman; 11. Derek Doerr; 12, R.J. Corson; 13. Jim Fuerst; 14. Harrison Kleven; 15. Jake Routson; 16. Tyler Baran; 17. Mike Ungar; 18. Matt ReCheck; 19. Miles Quant; 20. Shay Sasassano; 21. Ryan Zelski; 22. Denny Smith.

8-lap Simpson Race Products Heat Race Winner—Jeff Zelinski.

8-lap Engler Machine Heat Race Winner—Routson.

8-lap Madison Fire Extinguisher Heat Race Winner—Taylor

Feature Lap Leaders—N. Baran 1-2, Taylor 3-16, McDermand 17-20.

Badger Midget Series Points—1. Adam Taylor 96; 2. Chase McDermand 90; 3. Nick Baran 84; 4. Kevin Douglas 74; 5. Kurt Mayhew 73; 6. Kyle Koch 55; 7. Jeremy Douglas 53; 8 Jake Goeglein 47; 9. Jack Rouston; 10. Kyle Brinkman 45.


FEATURE—1. Chris Carlson; 2. Mike Simons; 3. Brad McGuire; 4. Joel Seegert; 5. John Dost; 6. Terry Kiedrowski; 7. Scott Barnharst; 8. Jack Williams; 9. Donnie Paskiewicz; 10. Tom Neubauer; 11. Nick Simons; 12. Tim Hamburg; 13. Tony Izzo; 14. Lee Tibbitts; 15. Andrew Hamburg; 16. Mike Conn; 17. Mike Wittenburg.

Heat Winners—McGuire; M. Simons.


FEATURE—1. Jay Orr; 2. Brody Rivest; 3. Rick Zifko; 4. David McKellips; 5. Ryan Johnson; 6. John Cole; 7. Brad Becker; 8. Scott Ellis; 9. Jake Banish; 10. Steve Ellis; 11. Robin Wachsmuth; 12. Ernie Herlt; 13. Jessica McKellips; 14. Scott Vetter; 15. Eric Kuenstler; 16. Peter Tuttle; 17. Scott Quarnstrom; 18. Scott Carpenter; 19. Dale Ehleiter; 20. Christopher Walters.

“B” MAIN—1. Wachsmuth; 2. Herlt; 3. Walters; 4. J. McKellips; 5. Jennifer Rooney; 6. Terry Davis; 7. Patrick Riley; 8. Ben Frank.

HEAT WINNERS—Rivest; Quarnstrom; Orr.


FEATURE—1. Cody Potter; 2. Courtney Atkinson; 3. Craig Kreuser; 4. Josh Gehrig; 5. Mark Baker; 6.Cody Erickson; 7. Brandon Mertes; 8. Trent Anderson; 9. Joe Suhfras; 10. Landry Potter; 11. Larry Manske.

HEAT WINNERS—C. Potter; L. Potter.


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