Q&A with Roxanne Knuth Director, Human Resources at Twin Disc, Incorporated 

Tell me about Twin Disc…

Twin Disc is a global leader in power transmission technology headquartered in Racine, WI. Since 1918 Twin Disc, Inc. has been developing, engineering, manufacturing and distributing power transmissions and propulsion products that make things that work... work better. Twin Disc specializes in heavy-duty off highway machinery as well as personal watercraft and heavy-duty commercial marine craft. This year, Twin Disc is celebrating their 100th anniversary.

What types of positions are you currently hiring for?

There are a variety of positions open ranging from entry level positions to upper management opportunities. However, most critical are CNC Operators, Transmission Technicians and Machinists.  Candidates having completed the Gateway programs would be ready to hit the ground running for these positions.

What type of skills/education do employees need to work at Twin Disc?

Most technical positions at Twin Disc require a high level of mechanical, computer, and math skills. The ability to read and interpret blue prints is also very important. Candidates should also be familiar with gauging and measuring equipment. Attention to detail and the ability to follow inspection protocols is of the utmost importance.

Does someone need a technical degree or certificate?

While having a certificate or technical degree isn’t required, it’s highly encouraged. The skill set required to work at Twin Disc can be attained through completion of Gateway programs. Twin Disc has recently partnered with Gateway to create an in-house training program. This program is a combination of hands on and classroom training which helps employees get up to speed very quickly.

Is there room for advancement in manufacturing?

Absolutely! If you’re willing to work hard, gain experience, and continue learning there’s lots of room for advancement. Twin Disc offers a tuition reimbursement program which has allowed numerous employees continuing education opportunities. Employees who have taken advantage of this program and returned to school and earned a degree, have advanced to high-level roles in management, engineering, and business operations.

Besides the hard-technical skills, what other skills do you look for in an employee?

Although technical skills are critical, we are also looking for people who are very dependable, team oriented, willing to learn, and great problem solvers. Strong attention to detail and a sense of urgency are also very important.

What are the benefits to training and working in the same community?

One of the main benefits to working with Gateway is their solid commitment to the community and seeing local businesses succeed. Gateway has crafted a custom program for Twin Disc which affords employees utilizing this training to have greater long-term success in their positions.